Oquirrh Mountain Compost

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Oquirrh Mountain Compost Products are environmentally friendly products that will give you better results with your lawn and garden – while you help to reuse community resources, recover nutrients, reduce landfill waste, and protect our environment.  Oquirrh Mountain Compost provides a natural alternative to industrially produced chemical fertilizers.  Use of Oquirrh Mountain Compost Products is a “green” activity and assists many people in meeting their personal recycling goals.

Proven safe and effective – and awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s highest rating of “Class A – Exceptional Quality” for use in landscaping and vegetable gardens – all-natural Oquirrh Mountain products are made from a blend of anaerobically digested and heat treated wastewater byproducts referred to as biosolids and wood chips recycled from tree service providers.

Our compost is produced through carefully controlled in-vessel biological decomposition of a mixture of biosolids and wood chips.  The three month composting process produces sufficient heat over a long time period to kill bacteria and produce a stabilized, nutrient rich product that improves the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of poor sandy or clay soils found in Utah.  Oquirrh Mountain Compost Products helps retain moisture in sandy soils, restores tilth to clay soils, helps control erosion, and provides valuable macro and micro nutrients to the plants’ root zones.

By the bag or truckload, Oquirrh Mountain customers say their gardens grow faster, lawns grow thicker and stay green longer, and trees and shrubs grow stouter and taller.  Consumers in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area have been using Oquirrh Mountain Compost produced by the Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility in landscaping and vegetable gardens since 1992.

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